who is she!?

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Hi! I'm a Brooklyn based comedian, writer, and actor who's too self conscious to write in third person. 

I'm allegedly a rising stand up comedian (their words not mine!!), and was recently featured on Daniel Cramer's "Cramer Comedy Newsletter," as a comic to track (his words not mine!!).

Still not convinced? I have a viral TikTok show where I interview men about female anatomy (spoiler alert: it's bleak) and write a monthly newsletter This Sucks, which has an accompanying live show! You should come and bring your crush.


Against all odds, people have *willingly* employed me. I'm currently the Senior Creative at Overheard. I've written/directed digital videos for Vogue, Glamour, and Vanity Fair, where I've written digital sketches for Bill Hader, Michael Che & Colin Jost, Rebel Wilson, and more. I write the popular Vogue series Everything You Need to Know, which won a Vimeo Staff Pick.




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