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"Stationary Unpleasant Woman-Person Head" And Other Fun PC Ways to Refer to Your Resting Bitch Face

9 Moments to Rub Your Belly at the Bodega So that You Can Believably Say Your Eating for Two

ISIS or Icing? We Take A Look at Some Pictures of Cake and Terrorist Recruiting Propaganda Video Stills And Decide Which is Which

I Can't Believe It's Not Illegal: Like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, but for Things the Government's Doing

Boy Goes to Jupiter and Surprisingly Doesn't Get More Stupider, Just More Sexist

IBS or DMX? This Doctor Helps Patients Find out if Clogged Intenstines or "Up in Here" is to Blame for Chronic Constipation

"I liked the movie better": One Girl's Brave Confession has the Internet In Flames

Sr. (señor) Deuce: The Mexican Author that Keeps Getting Mistaken For Dr. Seuss by Dyslexic Teens in Norway

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