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I Punched a Girl in the Face Because She Said She Was More ‘Lady Bird’ Than Me Which Was Pretty ‘Lady Bird’ If You Ask Me (OPINION)

I Told My Boyfriend My Vagina was HQ Trivia So He’d Start Playing With It

How to Be More Like Zooey Deschanel And Less Like the Weird Girl in “The Breakfast Club”

Wow! This Intersectional White Feminist Wouldn’t Go Inside Until Her Skin Matched the Darkest Shade of Emoji

Cool! This Woman Added “Ghostwriter” To Her Resume After Coworker Greg Presented Her Idea as His Own

Is it Over? What It Means When ResistBot Doesn’t Respond to Your Nudes

BIG Easter Save: I Didn’t Have Any Eggs to Hide for My Nieces and Nephews This Year So I Got My Period Instead

Yuck! Spotify’s Time Capsule Feature Shows Remnants Of A Darker Self You’d Wish to Keep In The Past

How to Find Your Breath in Yoga By Following Its Rancid Smell

Wow! I Nearly Doubled My Water Intake By Letting My Constant Tears Flow Straight Into My Mouth

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