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Cute DIY Mason Jars for Bottling Up Internalized Misogyny

Tongue Twisters That Accidently Make Him Say “I Love You”

“That Time of the Month” Now Just a Phrase for Describing Anytime the World is on the Brink of Nuclear Disaster

5 Probiotics More Alive Than Any of Your Succulents Will Ever Be

How to Convincingly Pretend You Like Wes Anderson as Much As You Like Toxic Gossip About Your Friends

Cool! Alexa Posted 146 Videos From Her Nose Bleed Seats At the Rihanna Concert Last Night

6 Highlighters That Are So Bright People Will Mistake You For Their Life Flashing Before Their Eyes

Gaslight or Gas Pedal? How to Determine if Your Man Thinks You're Crazy Or Wants You to Grind Up On Him

Wow! Seasonal Depression Officially Hit All Four Seasons

Brave! Girl At Party Begging For Attention Tells Everyone She’s Actually An Introvert

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