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The About Me Section On Every Self-Proclaimed "Rising Comic's" Website

X is a rising NYC comic hailing all the way from Des Moines, Iowa!

X has been described as 'irreverently niche alt' and 'god-like in her delivery.' She's performed at Slipping Creek Comedy Festival in Springfield Missouri's sister city, Wyaconda, population: 227. The city rallied to support this steadily rising big city comic’s headlining performance, with approximately 1/10th of the city showing face before walking right past the field to get to their originally intended location, the only Urgent Care center in town.

X was also selected as a finalist to be a semi, semi-finalist in A Comedy Festival That Her Friend Threw. Her generationally-relevant humor touches upon the nuances of millennial life, the sweet sweet stuff that no one else has quite tapped into yet. X has performed at clubs all over the city, including and limited to, Manhattan’s Basement Room, Guy From Film Class’ Party in Alphabet City, and a Mexican restaurant turned second hand pet shop in Long Island City—and boy, does she do a lot in Long Island City. The pages of her original pilot were once used to pick up dog shit in Washington Square Park by a producer who has worked on Hollywood movies as a stuntman's caddy boy. X was the receiver of a diversity scholarship not related to comedy but definitely related to being a white woman.

X has been featured on 1,472 episodes of various podcasts and is producing 36 herself. You might know her as the producer and host of various comedy variety shows around the city as well, included and limited to, "Funny Woman in Comedy Being Women Being Funny" "Cold Cuts Comedy Showcase" and "Say it Ain't So-domy: We're Talking About Sex Crimes" Check out her upcoming shows here, open mics she plans on going to included.

Some may call X the "Lena Dunham meets Broad City of today" but of course no one has yet. X is happy to admit that this is her talking in third-person. She’s also happy to break that age-old tradition and just say fuck it! It’s me, X! I’m writing my own damn bio because I'm a carefree meta bitch woman (yeah I said it FIRST...girls ARE funny!). Catch me doing mics around the city or at a LOCAL TACO TRUCK LOL!

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