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Purchasable, Untapped Book Titles for Millennials

  • My Degree is Worth Nothing & I Can't Afford Shampoo!

  • W2s & Margaret Thatcher: Things that I've Heard Of But Never Looked Into

  • Eating for -2: Diets for When You Can't Afford to Eat for One

  • Cover Letters, Crushing Anxiety, and Coding Skills I Never Learned

  • Is Everyone Getting Jobs Without Me?

  • I Love My Succulent More Than My Mom Ever Loved Me: A Modern Romance

  • Lit, Fam, & Bae: Words I Say to Distract Myself from How Sad I Am

  • How I Learned to Focus on Improving my Microsoft Office Skills and Stop Worrying About Nuclear War

  • GEN X, Y, X...Millennials?: Breaking A Simple Letter Pattern by Being Extra

  • How I Pretended to Struggle with My Sexuality to Avoid Looking for a Job: And Other Fun and Easy Distractions!

  • Ripe for Market Research & Ready to Take an Unpaid Internship

  • Celebrities From My Youth That Are Doing Worse Than Me Now

  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: Everything Might Kill Me

  • Dreams from My Father, Before I Disappointed Him with my Liberal Arts Degree

  • First Thing's First: I'm the Brokest

  • Free Samples: From Cave Men to Interns, The Untold History

  • Thigh Brows & Back Fat: It's All the Same When You're "Skinny-Fat," Because You Can't Pay for a Kickboxing Membership

  • Look What You Made me Poo: A Love Letter to IBS

  • Beyonce's Twins: The Only News Story I Read Beyond the Headline

  • Trends!Trends!Trends! I Still Don't Know if Ombre's are Ugly

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