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Wow! No One in Office Picks Plain Bagel From Dozen Bagel Assortment For the 100th Time in a Row

New Year, New Poo: We Talk to 8 People Whose New Year Has Come with a Fresh Sense of Purpose And Irregular Bowel Movements

Mark Wahlberg Paid $100 Million to Fart in a Group of People and Walk Away

“You just can’t do ANYTHING anymore!” Why These Men Fear Rape Will Be the Next Victim of PC Culture

Michelle Williams Fined $210 Million For Taking Heat for Wahlberg's Fart and Apologizing to Everyone

OPINION: I Ate Soylent For a Week Then Stopped Because I Don’t Hate Myself

Wow! This Girl Quit Instagram For A Week And Still Found Ways to Compare Herself to Her Peers in Crippling Unhealthy Ways

5 Blazers That Say “I’ll Do a Subpar Job In This Entry Level Position”

10 Reasons You Should Give Up If You’re Not Millie Bobby Brown

Brave! This White Woman Couldn’t Find a Way to Be Marginalized So She Cut Her Arm Off

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